MSI – MSI AEGIS TI5The Aegis Ti5 is the next eye-catching and futuristic gaming desktop on our list. Designed to dominate every game with the highest possible FPS, this robot-headed powerhouse comes equipped with the latest 10th-gen i9 processor to provide a 5.3GHz execution frequency.

When it comes to the build, the Ti5 is split into three separate cooling chambers; the PSU, GPU, and CPU. The PSU chamber is the circular drum at the bottom of the “head” and includes a 750W 80 Plus Gold PSU. The CPU chamber is a step above, and the GPU chamber is at the top of the case.

Both the CPU and GPU chamber are liquid-cooled and can be accessed by unscrewing the side panel. With the side panel removed, you can then flip out the 240mm AIO cooler that’s blocking the CPU chamber entrance. This reveals an mATX Z490 motherboard with a capacity for up to 128GB of RAM.

Ce RTX 3080 that rests horizontally on the floor of the bed. For excellent heat dissipation, a second 240mm AIO cooler shares this compartment, and like the first, works to exhaust hot air out the rear of the case.

Another stand-out feature that the Aegis Ti5 shows off is a gaming dial with a display. located on the front of the case, this allows you to monitor the system information, switch between performance settings, and effortlessly load up your favorite games.



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